New features and enhancements



Application updates

You now receive a notification message when a new version of BlackBerry® Messenger is available. You can also manually check for new versions of BlackBerry Messenger by using the menu on the About BlackBerry Messenger screen.

Backup and restore

You can back up and restore your BlackBerry Messenger data, which can include your contacts, profile, and group membership by using BlackBerry Messenger to create a backup file on your device or you can register an email address with BlackBerry Messenger to back up and restore over the wireless network automatically. You can access the backup and restore feature from the Options screen in BlackBerry Messenger.

You can also use the BlackBerry® Desktop Manager on a computer to back up and restore your BlackBerry Messenger contacts, profile, and group membership.

BlackBerry Groups

You can use the BlackBerry® Groups feature of BlackBerry Messenger to share pictures, lists, appointments, and more with group members. Each group can contain up to 30 members.


You can now perform the following actions:
  • Change how messages appear in chats.
  • Send files up to 6 MB in size to a contact whose device also has BlackBerry Messenger 5.0.
  • View larger versions of pictures that you receive.
  • Save or forward a picture from the preview screen.
  • Reply to voice notes by sending your own voice note.

Pictures that contacts send are automatically accepted. By default, voice notes that contacts send are automatically accepted and when you send a voice note, recording starts right away. Now voice notes that you receive play in the chat rather than in the Media Player.

Contact list screen improvements

You can now perform the following actions:
  • Change the spacing of your contact list.
  • View and change display pictures and status messages.
  • Search for a name of a contact or group.
  • Move multiple contacts at one time into a new contact category (previously known as contact groups).
  • Jump to a different category by pressing the Space key on your device.


You can perform the following actions:
  • Scan a person’s BlackBerry Messenger profile barcode to add the person to your contact list or group.
  • Add a shortcut icon of a contact to the Home screen of your device so that you can quickly access the contact.
  • Replace display pictures in BlackBerry Messenger with contact pictures from the Contacts application, or vice versa.


You can change the sound that plays when you receive a new BlackBerry Messenger or BlackBerry Groups notification from the sounds application. In addition, you can turn off audible notifications and Home screen indicators for each group that you are a member of from the Group Details screen.

Text messaging

This feature can help you send and receive text messages and instant messages in one application. You can add text messaging contacts to your BlackBerry Messenger contact list, and change options to receive text messages from BlackBerry Messenger contacts in BlackBerry Messenger who are linked with a phone number in the Contacts application.

Note: Standard text messaging fees apply to all text messages that you send or receive using BlackBerry Messenger. This feature requires BlackBerry® Device Software 5.0 or later.
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