About BlackBerry Messenger

You can use BlackBerry® Messenger to communicate with users who have a BlackBerry device. The contact list screen in BlackBerry Messenger is made up of your BlackBerry Messenger contacts, contact categories, chats, and groups.

You can send messages to your contacts, change your status and display picture, and organize contacts into contact categories. During a chat, you can send files such as voice notes and contact attachments. If your device has a camera, you can send pictures that you take with the camera.

You can use the BlackBerry® Groups feature of BlackBerry Messenger to create a group of family members, friends, co-workers, and so on. In a group, you can share pictures, lists, and appointments with the members of the group. You can also chat with members of your group and comment on shared items.

You do not need to sign in to or out of BlackBerry Messenger. As long as you are connected to a wireless network, BlackBerry Messenger can keep you connected to your BlackBerry Messenger contacts. You might be able to back up and restore your BlackBerry Messenger contacts, profile, and group membership using BlackBerry Messenger or using BlackBerry® Desktop Manager on a computer.

You must have a wireless service data plan to use BlackBerry Messenger. Depending on your wireless service provider or organization, some features might not be supported.

For more information about BlackBerry Messenger, visit www.blackberry.com/support.

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