A contact that I tried to add to BlackBerry Messenger is not appearing

If a contact that you tried to add remains in the Pending category, the person might not have received your invitation. Some possible causes are that the person's BlackBerry® device is turned off or the person might not have yet responded to your invitation. Depending on your organization, you might not be able to add a person who is not in your organization.

Try performing any of the following actions:

  • If the person has not yet received the invitation, wait until the person receives and accepts the invitation before the person appears as a contact.
  • If you added a contact and then switched devices shortly after, if the contact does not appear in your contact list or in the Pending category, you might need to add the contact again using your current device.
  • If the contact remains in the Pending category for a long period of time, you can delete the contact and then try to add the person again.
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