BlackBerry Messenger

Icon Guide


BlackBerry Messenger icons

BlackBerry® Messenger icons appear in BlackBerry Messenger and any groups that you are a member of. You might also see these icons in other places, such as in the Messages application or on the Home screen of your BlackBerry device.

For information about other icons that appear on your device, visit and click your BlackBerry device model to view the Icon Guide.

Contact list screen

These icons appear on the main screen in BlackBerry Messenger.

Image of new item icon

New item

To clear this icon, open each item that has this icon.

Image of the availability alert set icon

Availability notification is set

Image of the new item icon

New BlackBerry Messenger item

To clear this icon, open each chat that has this icon and each item that has the new item icon.

Image of the busy status icon


Image of the unread message icon

Unread message in a chat

To clear this icon, open the chat.

Image of the now playing status icon

Media file is playing

Image of the open chat icon

Chat is open

Image of the action pending icon

Action is pending

Image of the conference icon

Conference is open

Image of the pending contact icon

Contact is pending

Image of the text messaging chat or contact icon

Text messaging contact or chat

Image of the system message icon

System message

Chat screen

These icons appear in a chat. Some of these icons indicate the status of messages that you send to contacts.

Image of the message sending icon

Message is being sent

Image of the message delivered icon

Message has been delivered

Image of the message sent icon

Message has been sent

Image of the message read icon

Message has been read

Image of the emoticon button

Emoticon button

Image of the current location indicator icon

Current location of a contact

BlackBerry Groups

These icons appear in each group that you are a member of. You can click many of these icons.

Image of the group members icon

Group members

Image of the group administrator icon

Group administrator

Image of the group chat icon

Group chat

Image of the comment added icon

Comments on a picture or list item

Image of the shared pictures icon

Shared pictures

Image of the favorite picture icon

Picture has been marked as a favorite

Image of the shared lists icon

Shared lists

Image of the voice note added icon

Voice note has been added to a picture

Image of the group calendar icon

Group calendar

Image of the new group message icon

New group notification

Image of the add member or add contact icon

Add a member or contact