I cannot synchronize my data to other calendars on my computer

If you have more than one calendar on your BlackBerry® device, for example, a personal calendar from an email account and a work calendar that is associated with a BlackBerry® Enterprise Server, your device is still set up to synchronize only one device calendar to your computer.

To change the calendar that is being used on your computer for synchronization, in the BlackBerry® Desktop Software, click Organizer > Configure settings. Change your calendar application.

To change the calendar that is being used on your device for synchronization, change the default services option from one of the following locations:

  • If your device is running BlackBerry® Device Software 5.0.1 and earlier, go to Options > Advanced Options > Default Services.
  • If your device is running BlackBerry Device Software 6.0, go to Options > Device > Advanced System Settings > Default Services.

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