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Tips: Managing indicators

Indicators tell you that there is something new or updated, such as a new message, voice message, or feed, or they inform you of the status of something, such as the battery or network connection. Indicators often appear on app icons, new content within apps, and at the top of the Home screen.

Remove the new item indicator Image of new item indicator

Open each item that has this indicator. For example, to remove it from the Messages icon, click the icon.

Remove the unopened message indicator Image of unopened message indicator

In the Messages app, do one or more of the following:
  • Open all of your messages by clicking on them. If you cannot find all of your unopened messages in your inbox, look in your messages folders.
  • Mark a message as opened. Highlight a message. Press the Image of Menu key key > Mark Opened.
  • Mark all messages that are prior to a date as opened. Highlight a date field. Press the Image of Menu key key > Mark Prior Opened.
Identify an indicator
  • You might be able to identify an indicator by seeing the icon of the application that the indicator refers to. To see a complete list of applications on your device and their icons, on the Home screen or in a folder, click the Options icon. Click Device > Application Management.
  • For a complete list of BlackBerry® indicators, visit Click your device model, and then click the Icons and Indicators guide.
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