Electrical safety

Use the power accessories provided with the BlackBerry® Presenter or any other RIM approved charging accessories only from the type of power source indicated on the marking label. Before using any power supply, verify that the mains/outlet voltage matches the input voltage rating printed on the power supply.

Do not overload power outlets or extension cords as this might result in a risk of fire or electric shock. To reduce the risk of damage to the cord or the plug, pull the plug rather than the cord when you disconnect the charging accessory from the power outlet or extension cord.

Protect the power cord from being walked on or pinched, particularly at power outlets and extension cords, and the point where the power cord connects to the accessory. Unplug charging accessories during lightning storms or when unused for long periods of time.

Do not use the BlackBerry Presenter outside or in any area exposed to the elements.

See the documentation that came with the BlackBerry Presenter for more information about connecting the power supply.

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