Additional safety guidelines

Child safety: Keep your BlackBerry® Presenter out of reach of children.

Operating machinery: Keep your BlackBerry Presenter and any cords or cables away from machinery that is in operation.

LED aperture: Exposure to flashing lights on the BlackBerry Presenter can cause epileptic seizures or blackouts and might be dangerous to you or others. In the event that you experience, or your use of the BlackBerry Presenter causes in others, any disorientation, loss of awareness, twitching, convulsions, or any involuntary movements, stop using the BlackBerry Presenter immediately and consult a physician. If you are susceptible to epileptic seizures or blackouts, consult your physician before using the BlackBerry Presenter.

Liquids and foreign objects: Never push foreign objects of any kind into the BlackBerry Presenter or BlackBerry Presenter accessories through openings as this action might cause a short circuit, a fire, or electric shock. Do not attempt to modify or service the BlackBerry Presenter. Do not use the BlackBerry Presenter or BlackBerry Presenter accessories near water (for example, near a bathtub or a sink, in a wet basement, or near a swimming pool). Never spill liquid of any kind on the BlackBerry Presenter or BlackBerry Presenter accessories.

Use of controls or adjustments or performance of procedures other than those specified in the product documentation supplied by Research In Motion may result in hazardous radiation exposure.

Stability: Do not place the BlackBerry Presenter or a BlackBerry Presenter accessory on any unstable surface. Take care when using the BlackBerry Presenter with any charging accessories to route the power cord in a way that reduces the risk of injury to others, such as by tripping or choking.

Cleaning: Do not use liquid, aerosol cleaners, or solvents on or near the BlackBerry Presenter or a BlackBerry Presenter accessory. Clean only with a soft dry cloth. Disconnect any cables from the computer and unplug any charging accessories from the electrical outlet before cleaning either the BlackBerry Presenter or the power accessory.

Designated areas and dangerous environments: Observe all signs and instructions that require an electrical device or radio frequency device to be switched off in designated areas. Do not use the headset in environments where there is a danger of ignition of flammable gases.

Overheating and damage: If this product overheats, if the product has been dropped or damaged, if the product has a damaged cord or plug, or if the product has been dropped in a liquid, discontinue use and contact RIM.

Heavy objects: Do not place heavy objects on the BlackBerry Presenter.

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