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PGP key properties

Revocation Status:
This field displays the revocation status of the PGP® key at a specified date and time.
Trust Status:
This field displays the trust status of the PGP key. A PGP key can be explicitly trusted (the PGP key itself is trusted), implicitly trusted (the PGP key is associated with a private key on your BlackBerry® device), or not trusted (the PGP key is not explicitly trusted and is not associated with a trusted PGP key on your device, and a chain of digital signatures to a trusted key does not exist).
Creation Date:
This field displays the date that the PGP® Universal Server generated the PGP key.
Expiration Date:
This field displays the date that the PGP Universal Server specified as the expiration date of the PGP key.
Email Address:
This field displays the email address that is associated with the PGP key. Multiple Email Address fields might appear.
Public Key Type:
This field displays the standard to which the public key complies. Your device supports RSA®, DSA, and Diffie-Hellman keys.
Key Usage:
This field displays approved uses of the PGP key.
This field displays the PGP key fingerprint in hexadecimal format.
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