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I cannot send messages

Try performing the following actions:
  • Verify that your BlackBerry® device is connected to the wireless network. If you are not in a wireless coverage area, your device should send messages when you return to a wireless coverage area.
  • If the menu item for sending a message does not appear, verify that you have added an email address, a PIN, or a phone number for your contact.
  • If you created an email address or added an existing email address to your device using the email setup screen in the setup wizard, verify that you have received an activation message on your device from the BlackBerry® Internet Service. If you have not received an activation message (the message might take a short period of time to arrive), in the setup wizard, open the email setup screen to send a service book to your device.
  • If you have not received a registration message from the wireless network, register your device. On the Home screen or in a folder, click the Options icon. Click Advanced Options. Click Host Routing Table. Press the Menu key. Click Register Now.
  • Generate an encryption key.
  • Verify that data service is turned on.
  • Resend the message.
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