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Add a bookmark for a web page

Before you begin: Depending on the browser that you used to visit a web page or add a bookmark, when you click the web page in the browser history or bookmark list, the web page might open in the browser that you used to visit the web page and not the browser that you set as your default browser. Extra fees might apply for using a different browser. For more information about the fees associated with each of the browsers that are available on your BlackBerry® device, contact your wireless service provider.
  1. On a web page, press the Menu key.
  2. Click Add Bookmark.
  3. In the Auto Synchronize field, set how often the browser should check for updates to the web page.
  4. In the Start time field, set the time of day when the browser should start checking for updates.
  5. Click Add.
If you visit the web page offline, the browser displays the content that was current the last time that you viewed the web page online.

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