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About web feeds

Web feeds provide you with information about updates to web site content. You can open a web feed to view a list of titles and descriptions for updated web site content. For example, if you open a sports web feed for a news web site, you can scan a list of sports stories that the web site has published since the last time that you checked the web feed. If a title interests you, you can view the web feed content, or if an audio version of the content is available, you can listen to the web feed content.

You can open web feeds on web pages, or you can subscribe to web feeds and open them from your bookmark list. In your bookmark list, web feeds that have been updated since the last time you checked them appear in italic. In a web feed, unopened web feed titles appear in bold.

If one or more web feeds are available on a web page, the Add Web Feed option appears in the menu.

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