The SQLite® database sample application demonstrates how to create a persistent relational database that is stored on the BlackBerry® device and how to change the entries in the database.

The database contains two tables that are called Category and DirectoryItems. The DirectoryItems table contains items that simulate entries in a business directory list. Each DirectoryItem entry also contains a CategoryID field that must match a category_id entry in the Category table (for instance, Category.category_id is a foreign key for DirectoryItem.categoryID).

The sample application displays the entries in the tables as a collapsible tree structure with Category entries as parent nodes and DirectoryItem entries as child nodes of the Category nodes that they are associated with. The sample application provides menu items for adding a new category or directory item and for changing or deleting the directory item.

This sample application uses APIs that are designed to be secure.The application must be signed before it can be run. For more information about code signing, see the BlackBerry Signing Authority Tool Administration Guide.

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