Modifying information for a MIDlet suite

You can use the Updatejad tool, part of the BlackBerry® Java® Development Environment, to process .jad files and perform the following actions:

  • Correct the .cod file sizes listed in a .jad file. The .cod file sizes listed in the .jad file change after you use the BlackBerry® Signing Authority Tool to sign .cod files.
  • Create .jad files that reference multiple .cod files.

Use the Updatejad tool only on .jad files created using the BlackBerry® Integrated Development Environment or the RAPC command-line tool, and signed using the BlackBerry Signing Authority Tool .

The Updatejad tool commands have the following format:
updatejad.exe -q -n input.jad [additional.jad]




This option suppresses the creation of success output messages for .jad file processing operations. If an error occurs during .jad file processing, a non-zero exit code is produced.


This option suppresses the backup of the original .jad file.


This option specifies the .jad file to update.


This option specifies other attributes to add to the input.jad file.

For more information, see the BlackBerry Integrated Development Environment Help or the BlackBerry Signing Authority Tool version 1.0 - Password Based Administrator Guide.


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