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This interface provides methods for opening and closing an input or output stream. There are two different types of streams that you can open using this interface: a regular stream and a data stream. A data input stream allows an application to read primitive Java® data types from an underlying input stream in a machine-independent way. A data output stream allows an application to write data that a data input stream can read. A regular input or output stream just reads or writes the data as a sequence of bytes.

This sample application creates and passes the regular input stream as a parameter to MDSPushInputStream.


This class contains one method, acceptAndOpen(), which returns a server-side socket connection.

In the sample application, StreamConnection uses this interface to accept and open a connection to listen to incoming messages on port 100. When you create an instance of SteamConnectionNotifier, you must set the parameter deviceside to false to indicate that the sample application should use the BlackBerry® Mobile Data System, a RIM proprietary protocol, when the application tries to connect.

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