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Change multiple BlackBerry Application icons at once

You can change some or all of the BlackBerry® Application icons at once. You must first create the new icon images with file names identical to those you want to replace and store them in a single folder.
  1. Click the Application Icons button at the left of the Inspector pane.
  2. In the Icon list, right-click and click Change All Icons.
  3. Navigate to the folder with the new icons, then click OK. The Plazmic® Theme Builder copies the files from the selected folder into the theme project file and overwrites any images with the same filename.
  4. To use the default icon for an application, right-click the icon, and then click Reset to Default.
  5. To update an icon for which you have modified the source image, right-click the icon, and then click Reload Image.
  6. To view image dimensions, right-click an icon, and then click Image Information.


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