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Converting static text with device fonts

The Plazmic® Composer can convert static text that uses BlackBerry® device fonts in the .swf file format to the equivalent in .svg.

Static text refers to text that is fixed, unlike dynamic text (controlled by Adobe® ActionScriptTM) or input text (entered by a user). A device font is specified by name and is a font for which the device itself provides the glyph information; no glyph information is embedded in the .swf file.

When developing your content, use fonts and font sizes that match the fonts available on the target BlackBerry devices. Differences in fonts could result in unexpected behavior on the device, such as text wrapping. Adobe Flash provides the option of using device fonts for selected text.

Refer to your BlackBerry documentation for information on the fonts available for your device. To verify that fonts are displayed accurately, test content on each BlackBerry device on which you plan to deploy content.


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