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Change a canvas property

The Plazmic® Composer canvas represents the viewable area of the scene. By default, when you create a new project and select a BlackBerry® device template, the Plazmic Composer defines a canvas that is equal to the screen size of the device you selected.
Task Steps
Change the canvas size.
  1. Click Canvas > Properties.
  2. Type the values in pixels for the height and width.

To preview your changes before saving, click the Preview button.

Crop the canvas size.
  1. On the canvas , select one or more objects.
  2. Click Canvas > Crop To Selection.
Change the background image alignment.
  1. Click Canvas > Properties.
  2. Click an arrow to determine how to align the canvas after it is resized.
Change the device profile.
  1. Click Canvas > Properties.
  2. In the Device Profile drop-down list, select the device profile to use for the canvas. .


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