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Support for Java API extensions

BlackBerry® devices support the following Java® APIs that are not part of the standard JSR definitions and that can provide greater features and functionality over what is available in the standard MIDP API libraries.



User Interface APIs

You can use these APIs to create screens, menu items, and all the components of the user interface.

Persistent Data Storage APIs

You can use these APIs to store custom data locally within your application.

Networking and I/O APIs

You can use these APIs to establish network connections and read or write data to a server-side application.

Event Listeners

You can use the Event Listeners to respond to BlackBerry device user or system-initiated events on a BlackBerry device.

Application Integration APIs

You can use these APIs to integrate with the existing BlackBerry email, phone, calendar, contacts, browser, camera, media player, and task list applications.

Additional Utilities

You can use these additional APIs for data encryption and compression, XML parsing, Bluetooth® connectivity, location-based services, and so on.


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