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Obfuscating a BlackBerry Java Application

The compiler for the BlackBerry® Java® Development Environment and the BlackBerry® JDE Plug-in for Eclipse™ is set to minimize the size of the application. The compiler produces a .cod file that provides obfuscation-like services that are similar to those that obfuscation packages provide in an effort to reduce the size of the .cod file. For example, the BlackBerry Java Development Environment removes the following information from a .cod file:

  • all debug information
  • local variable names
  • source line numbers
  • private method and member names

It is not typically necessary for you to provide obfuscation for your applications in addition to the existing obfuscation that, by default, the BlackBerry JDE provides. In fact, Research In Motion does not perform any additional obfuscation of its own products.

The BlackBerry JDE does not integrate support for obfuscation through third-party tools. You must include a command-line procedure to obfuscate .cod files for use on BlackBerry devices.


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