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Multilanguage support

The BlackBerry® Integrated Development Environment includes a resource mechanism for creating string resources. The Localization API is part of the net.rim.device.api.i18n package. MIDP applications do not support localization.

TheBlackBerry Integrated Development Environment stores resources for a locale in a ResourceBundle object. A ResourceBundleFamily object contains a collection of ResourceBundles, which groups the resources for an application. The application can switch languages, depending on the locale of the BlackBerry device user, without requiring new resource bundles.

You can use the BlackBerry Integrated Development Environment to compile each resource bundle into a separately compiled .cod file. You can load the appropriate .cod files onto BlackBerry devices with the other .cod files for the application.

Resources are organized in a hierarchy based on inheritance. If a string is not defined in a locale, a string from the next closest locale is used.


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