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Encryption of data on a microSD media card

When a BlackBerry® Java® Application accesses a file on the microSD memory card, file decryption occurs and the file moves to main memory for an application to read. For a BlackBerry Java Application to access a file that is password protected, the BlackBerry device must not be locked. Encrypted files have a .rem extension and cannot be decrypted on non-BlackBerry platforms.

If the NVRAM is removed and the microSD media card is locked with a BlackBerry device key, the data on the microSD media card is no longer accessible. To remove data that is not accessible, start the BlackBerry device and remove all encrypted media files.

The BlackBerry device uses a master key stored on the microSD media card to encrypt BlackBerry device media files. The master key prevents the BlackBerry device from having to decrypt or re-encrypt all media files when you disable encryption or change the password.


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