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Controlled APIs and code signing

Research In Motion tracks the use of sensitive APIs for security and export control reasons. In the BlackBerry®API reference, RIM identifies a controlled class or method with a lock icon or a signed note. To use controlled classes or methods in your applications and before you can install the application .cod files on the BlackBerry device, you must sign your application using a key, or signature, from RIM. Other functionality, such as the ability to execute when the application starts, might require that you sign your applications.

While the RIM registration process covers the use of most controlled APIs, some cryptography classes that are related to public and private key cryptography contain technology from Certicom™. To use these classes, you must register with and obtain a license from Certicom directly. The RIM registration process does not include the use of Certicom classes.

To test and debug your code before you receive the code signatures, you can use the BlackBerry® Smartphone Simulator. You must sign the application before you install it on BlackBerry devices. You do not send your actual code to RIM. You can use the BlackBerry® Signature Tool to send a SHA-1 hash of your code file so that the signing authority system can generate the necessary signature.

For more information about registering and obtaining code signatures, see the BlackBerry Signing Authority ToolVersion 1.0 - Password Based Administrator Guide. For more information about registering and using classes, visit


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