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CLDC applications

The CLDC application model is a specification of a framework for Java® ME. A CLDC application extends the UiApplication class and starts with a standard main() method.

Most of the sample applications that the BlackBerry® Java® Development Environmentincludes use the CLDC application model. All of the core BlackBerry applications (including message list, contacts list, calendar, and the browser) are built as CLDC applications.



  • BlackBerry User Interface APIs provide more functionality and flexibility than the standard javax.microedition.lcdui library.
  • Applications can run active background threads after they have closed.
  • Applications can start automatically in the background when the device turns on.
  • Applications can use IPC APIs to exchange information with other applications.
  • Developers can create reusable library modules that CLDC applications can import.
  • Applications are not portable to other devices.


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