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BlackBerry Java Development Environment

The BlackBerry® Java® Development Environmentis a fully integrated development and simulation environment for building a BlackBerry® Java Application for BlackBerry devices. With the BlackBerry JDE, developers can build applications using the Java® ME programming language and the extended Java APIs for BlackBerry.

The BlackBerry Java Development Environment includes the following development tools:

  • BlackBerry® Integrated Development Environment
  • BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator
  • Java ME APIs and BlackBerry APIs
  • sample applications

The BlackBerry IDE includes a full suite of editing and debugging tools that are optimized for the development of a BlackBerry Java Application. TheBlackBerry Smartphone Simulator provides a complete Windows® type environment, and is designed to simulate UIs and user interaction, network connections, email services, and wireless data synchronization.

The BlackBerry Java Development Environment Component Package includes the following development tools for development within third-party IDEs such as NetBeans™ or Eclipse™:

  • RAPC: You can use this command prompt compiler to compile .java and .jar files into .cod files that you can run in the BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator or on a BlackBerry device.
  • JavaLoader: You can use this tool to add or update an application on a BlackBerry device for testing, and to view information about application .cod files.
  • BlackBerry® Signature Tool: You can use this tool to send code signature requests to the BlackBerry® Signing Authority Tool.
  • Preverify Tool: You can use this tool to partially verify your classes before you load your application onto a BlackBerry device.
  • JDWP: You can use this tool to debug applications using third-party integrated development environments.


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