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Backing up and synchronizing data

The BlackBerry® Desktop Manager provides a backup and restore tool that a BlackBerry device user can use to save BlackBerry device data to a file on a computer and to restore data to the BlackBerry device.

When an application uses the Synchronization API, the BlackBerry Desktop Manager can back up and restore the application database at the same time as other BlackBerry device databases. You can use the Synchronization API to create data archives or to populate application databases the first time the BlackBerry device connects to the BlackBerry device user’s computer.

To synchronize data to remote data sources, you must build the synchronization logic into your BlackBerry Java® Application. Most applications send data to a server-side application using standard HTTP or TCP/IP protocols over the wireless network and the Internet or corporate intranet. You can use XML APIs to generate and parse XML-formatted data to send and receive over the wireless network. However, your client-side and server-side applications must read and write the data properly and acknowledge the successful transmission.

A BlackBerry Java Application might connect to a computer-based application to send the data over a USB connection using the BlackBerry Desktop Synchronization APIs and the BlackBerry Desktop Manager. In this case, you must build an application for Windows® that can read the data from the client through an add-in task for the BlackBerry Desktop Manager. The BlackBerry device user must manually execute the synchronization by running the BlackBerry Desktop Manager add-in, which notifies the application on the BlackBerry device to send the data to the computer application. You can also write data to the computer application using the native USB protocols.


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