Element: <push-message>

Valid parent


Valid children

<address>, <quality-of-service>

The content provider sends the <push-message> element to the PPG. This request assigns a unique ID to a push request, defines the delivery parameters, and can specify a URL to which acknowledgment notifications are sent.

You must include one or more <address> elements in the <push-message> element to indicate which BlackBerry devices the push request is sent to.

You must also include a <quality-of-service> element.







This attribute specifies a string that uniquely identifies the push request. You can use this value to cancel or check the status of a push request.

The push-id value must be unique across all push requests for your push application. If the push-id value is not unique, the PPG might return an error. There are circumstances where the BlackBerry Infrastructure cannot detect duplicates.

The push-id can be up to 40 characters in length.



This attribute specifies the application ID from your confirmation email when you registered to use the Push Service.

The PPG uses the source- reference value to identify the content provider, the push application, and the port number on which the client application listens.



This attribute specifies the date and time that the PPG must deliver the pushed data to the BlackBerry device. Content that is not sent by this date and time is not delivered.

You must use 24-hour UTC format to set the time stamp using the following format:


For example, a value of 2009-03-10T23:59:00Z specifies a delivery time and date of 11:59 on March 10, 2009.

The value for this attribute cannot be more than 8 hours from the time of the push request for Push Plus subscribers, or 30 days for Push Essentials subscribers.



This attribute specifies the URL to which the acknowledgment notification message is sent. Optional.

If you include this attribute, the PPG sends an acknowledgment notification when the request reaches its final status. A separate result notification is sent for each address that is specified in the push request.

If you do not include this attribute, the PPG returns no result information for the push request.

A push request is considered successful when the value that you specify for the delivery-method attribute of the <quality-of-service> element is met.

When you register your service with Research In Motion, you specify a base URL for notification. The PPG sends the notification to a URL made by appending the value of this attribute to the base URL that you provided. For example, if you specified http://www.example.com/push as the base URL, and the value of ppg-notify-requested-to="/notifications" in the <push-message> element, the acknowledgment notification is sent to http://www.example.com/push/notifications.

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