User-initiated invitations

You can use the BlackBerry Messenger SDK to create a BlackBerry Messenger connected application that allows BlackBerry device users to send invitations to their BBM contacts.

The BBM platform supports invitations to download an application and invitations to join a connection.

Invitation type


Invitation to download

The user can invite contacts who do not have the application installed to download it to their BlackBerry devices. For example, a user who installs a BBM connected application that lets people share and rate videos may want to invite friends to download the application so that they can share and rate videos as well.

Invitation to join

The user can invite contacts who have the application installed on their BlackBerry devices to join the current session. For example, a user who plays a BBM connected game might invite friends to join in and play the game with them.

When a contact accepts an invitation to join, that contact must confirm to become active in the connection. After this confirmation, the BBM platform tracks the contact as active on the connection.

Invitation to BBM

The user can invite contacts to join BBM that are not currently in the user's BBM contact list. A Contact picker displays the contacts that are present in a channel or session connection so that the user can select which contacts to invite. Contacts that are already in the user's BBM contact list are not available for selection. The recipient must accept the invitation to BBM.

The BBM SDK is designed to make creating invitations easy. To display the list of contacts, the BBM SDK includes a Contact picker that is similar to the one used in BBM. The BBM platform scans for the user's contacts who already have the application installed. In your application, you define what type of invitation to send, and present the Contact picker to the user, which the BBM platform populates with the appropriate contacts. In the case of an invitation to download an application, for example, only those contacts who do not have your application installed will be available in the Contact picker.

The BBM platform is designed to result in both simpler code for you, and an ideal experience for users, since it prevents users from spamming their contacts with unnecessary invitations.

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