Process flow: Inviting a contact to download a BlackBerry Messenger connected application

  1. The BlackBerry device user initiates an invitation from the BlackBerry Messenger connected application to download the application.
  2. The application displays a Contact Picker. The BBM platform populates the list. Only the contacts who do not have the application installed on their BlackBerry devices are displayed in the Contact Picker.
  3. The user selects the contacts from the Contact Picker and sends the invitation.
  4. The BBM platform receives the request, and the forwards the invitation to the specified contacts.
  5. The contacts receive the invitation in BBM.
  6. Each contact accepts or declines the invitation.
  7. If a contact accepts the invitation, BBM opens the BlackBerry App World storefront to the URL from which the contact can download the application.
  8. If the contact does not have BlackBerry App World installed on the device, BBM prompts the contact to install BlackBerry App World and then prompts the contact to download the application.
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