Integrated BlackBerry Messenger chats

With the BlackBerry Messenger SDK, you can design your application to allow BlackBerry device users to start a BlackBerry Messenger chat with their contacts without having to leave your application. You can create a full screen chat session, or you can embed the chat session in your application UI—for example, in the lower half of the screen—allowing users to continue to interact with your application as they chat.

Chat messages can be sent from application to application or from application to BBM.



Application to application

From within your BBM connected application, a user can start a chat with other users of your application. For example, in a chess game application, two players could chat with each other from within the game, with messages displayed at the bottom of the screen as they continue to play.

Application to BBM

From within your BBM connected application, a user can start a chat with one or more BBM contacts. For example, a user may be engaged in some activity within your application, and wants to chat with one or more contacts. These contacts may or may not have your application installed. Rather than leave the application to start a chat through BBM, the user can simply start the chat from within your application. The contacts receive and respond to the chat message within BBM, while the user continues to chat from your application.

You cannot send messages from your application on behalf of the user without user intervention. Your application can start a chat and supply a default message, but the message cannot be sent unless the user performs the action.

By default, there is no chat history in your application. The BBM platform does not save any messages. Past messages cannot be retrieved unless the application saves them.

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