Access to BlackBerry Messenger data

Access to user profile data

The BlackBerry Messenger profile contains personal information that the user provides to identify themselves to their contacts. With the BlackBerry Messenger SDK, your application can access this profile information so that you can create an experience that is consistent with the BBM experience. For example, in a game application that includes a leaderboard, you can design the application to retrieve and display the display pictures of the users with the highest scores.

The profile may include information such as:

  • A display picture (the small icon image selected by the user)
  • A display name
  • A personal message
  • A status that indicates, for example, whether or not the user is available
  • Location information

The BBM SDK enables you to allow users to update and manage their profile information from within your application. For example, if a user is playing your BBM connected game application and wants to change their personal message to reflect this, the user could update their personal message from within the game, without opening BBM. The user's contacts would see this updated message within BBM.

Application-specific information can also be added to the profile. For example, a game application could present a user with a trophy for achieving a certain level, or for having the highest score on the leaderboard. These trophies could be displayed in the user's BBM profile, so that they can be viewed in BBM by the user's contacts.

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Access to BlackBerry Messenger contacts

With the BlackBerry Messenger SDK, you can design your application to access a BlackBerry device user's list of BBM contacts. For example, to make your application more personalized for a user, you could tailor a leaderboard in a game application so that it only displays the scores of people who are in the user's list of contacts.

To protect the privacy of the user's contacts, access to contact information is limited. Your BBM connected application cannot access any identifying information for a contact, such as the BlackBerry device PIN. Instead, the BBM platform assigns a unique ID for each user of your application.The BBM SDK abstracts away much of the interaction with the contact data, passing only essential details to your application, such as the contact's display name and display picture.

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