Notifying a user about a share request when your application is not running

You can use the net.rim.blackberry.api.bbm.platform.BBMPlatformContext interface to notify a BlackBerry® device user that a request to share content was received while your application was not running. You can configure this behavior when you register your application with the BBM platform by overriding BBMPlatformApplication.getDefaultSettings() and returning SETTING_SHARECONTENT_SPLAT.

public int getDefaultSettings()
      return BBMPlatformContext.SETTING_SHARECONTENT_SPLAT;

When the BBM platform receives a message from MessagingServiceListener.onShareContentReceived(), a new item indicator ( ) is applied to your application's Home screen icon to notify the user that a message is pending. When the user opens your application, the BBM platform passes all queued messages to your application as soon as it registers the MessagingServiceListener with the platform.

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