Advanced Security SD card support

A BlackBerry device with BlackBerry Device Software version 5.0 or later supports the use of Advanced Security SD (ASSD) cards. ASSD cards are flash memory cards that incorporate smart card functionality. They are defined by the Advanced Security SD Extension Specification Version 2.00 (April 16, 2009) published by the SD Card Association. Version 1.10 of that document was titled Mc-EX Extension Specification.

Draft version 2.00 of the specification defines a Security System as a set of card commands that perform security-related operations. The specification allows for various Security Systems which are identified by integer indexes beginning with 0 and ending with 15. BlackBerry devices only support the Mc-EX Security System, which is assigned index 0. The Mc-EX Security System is owned by the 5C Group and is based upon ISO-7816.

ASSD cards do not return ATR sequences. Instead, the reader driver for ASSD cards uses data from the CID register of the card to construct an ATR sequence. The smart card infrastructure uses the ATR that the driver constructs to support the ASSD card as a smart card.

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