I cannot hot-swap a BlackBerry device application

Possible Cause

You might be required to restart the BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator or reset the BlackBerry device when you try to reload your BlackBerry device application when you use versions of the BlackBerry® Java® SDK earlier than or versions of the BlackBerry® Device Software earlier than

When you make changes to your code while you run or debug your BlackBerry device application in the BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator or debug it on a BlackBerry device, if a process is running an application and the corresponding .cod file is replaced with an updated version, the BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator stops the process and performs garbage collection on any listeners, class instances, or memory objects that belong to the application. If the structure of a persistent object is not changed, the object is preserved. If an object belongs to an application module that is replaced, and the object cannot be disposed of, a restart of the BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator or a reset of the BlackBerry device might be required.

Possible Solution

Install the BlackBerry Java SDK or later on your computer, or install the BlackBerry Device Software 5.0 0.469 or later on the BlackBerry device.

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