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Install or remove an application on a BlackBerry device from the command line

You can use a command line tool called Javaloader.exe to install and remove a BlackBerry®device application on a BlackBerry device by using a USB connection without using descriptor files or web pages. Javaloader.exe can be useful when you install or remove a BlackBerry device application frequently during testing and development.

  1. Connect the BlackBerry device to the computer by using a USB cable.
  2. At a command prompt, navigate to the following folder: <...>\Eclipse\plugins\net.rim.ejde.componentpackx.x.x_x.x.x.x\components\bin, where x.x.x_x.x.x.x is the version number of a BlackBerry® Java® SDK.
  3. Type javaloader to view the syntax of the tool.

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