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support for WebWorks 7.0

The BlackBerry® WebWorks™ SDK now has support for WebWorks applications for BlackBerry 7.0.

remote Web Inspector support for BlackBerry® 7.0 devices and simulators

You can now debug a WebWorks application using the remote WebKit Web Inspector feature.

You can connect remotely to a WebWorks application on a Wi-Fi® connected device.

When you package your application, you can enable access to information about elements in the application. You can display this information by using a desktop browser that uses Web Inspector functionality (such as Google Chrome™ or Safari) and accessing the application information directly on the BlackBerry smartphone.

Auto injection of HTML5 to Gears™ shim

BlackBerry 5.0 devices will now automatically insert JavaScript® that maps HTML5 functionality to Google® Gears, allowing you to write code that is supported by BlackBerry 5.0 to 7.0.

Microphone API

Developers can leverage a BlackBerry smartphone's microphone to record sound from within a WebWorks app.

BlackBerry smartphone 7.0 simulator

You can now run your application on a BlackBerry 7.0 simulator.

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