Known issues

In BlackBerry® 6, when navigation is enabled, focus might stop working properly on image links, and you will be unable to change focus from an image to another focusable element. On touch screen devices, you can change the focus. (1124380)

Workaround: Remove spaces between the anchor (<a>,</a>) tags.

In BlackBerry 6, when you invoke an external background page of a BlackBerry WebWorks application that uses a local start page, an exception occurs. (851990)

In Navigation Mode, hidden or invisible elements are able to gain focus. This occurs for any focusable HTML elements that are hidden using the CSS visibility:hidden element, and for hidden <div> elements that contain visible focusable elements. (498013)

Cannot shutdown 5.0 simulators in Windows® 7 64-bit machines. (1492241)

Workaround: 5.0 simulators can be terminated through the Task Manager

In BlackBerry 7, when you run the attached widget, there is no focus around div element. The same problem happens with other elements that are not focusable by default, which have the x-blackberry-focusble="true" attribute. (1272429)

Workaround:You can set a customized hover focus effect for the elements you would like to see in focus.

In BlackBerry 6, Iframe with enabled scrolling disregards the specified height and width and displays the content in its full size instead. (1474620)

If you set the icon in the BlackBerry WebWorks application when a background and foreground is set, the default icon appears instead of the one you set. (1276022)

In an application, if you invoke the function openFileExplorer(), the application will freeze . (1272266)

In BlackBerry 7, the wipeOut transition effect does not work. When you run the widget, it shows the background image without a transition effect. (1912223)

In BlackBerry 7, some navigation movements cannot focus on focusable elements inside of iframe. In other navigation movements, the focus can be moved inside of iframe, but cannot move back. (1897571)

In BlackBerry 7, some HTML DOM events are not triggered properly when small page has initial-scale=1.0 in the WebWorks viewport. (1897060)

If you click the Back button on a page that uses JavaScript®, the widget will close instead of returning to the main page. (1096311)

In BlackBerry 6, a Null exception message appears during a port confliction check. (1427575)

If you stream an HTML5 video on a secure BlackBerry 7 CDMA device, an application permissions dialog box appears. (1926559)

In BlackBerry 6 or 7, if you touch the screen while an element with an onmouseout event is in focus, the application closes. (1927174)

The function StringToBlob() throws an exception when implementing BASE64. (1937841)

The bbwp Help information does not include the /d command line argument. (1941844)

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