The BlackBerry® Browser for the BlackBerry® Tablet OS 1.0 is a full-featured web browser that is designed to render and support most existing web content on a BlackBerry tablet. The BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet is currently the only tablet available that runs the BlackBerry Tablet OS. The BlackBerry PlayBook only has direct access to the Internet via Wi-Fi®, although it can access the wireless network via a Bluetooth® connection to a paired BlackBerry smartphone.

Tablets offer some unique design opportunities and challenges for web developers. Because tablets possess a considerably larger screen size than smartphones, displaying complex page layouts and tables is not a significant issue. However, tablets are mobile devices, and are therefore constrained by the issues that are common to all mobile devices: reduced network bandwidth and a reliance on a battery power source.

Powered by the WebKit browser engine, the BlackBerry Browser for the BlackBerry Tablet OS provides comprehensive support of common web standards. The BlackBerry Browser for the BlackBerry Tablet OS includes built-in support for Adobe® Flash® 10.1 and Adobe® ActionScript® 3.0, opening up the BlackBerry Browser to Flash developers for the first time.

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