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The NFC API package enables you to read and write data on smart tags, emulate a smart tag, and access a Secure Element embedded on a BlackBerry® device or SIM card. The NFC API supports most major tag types. You can check the ability of a device to support NFC by using the DeviceCapability classes in the net.rim.device.api.system.capability package.

To read and write to smart tags, you can register your application to receive notifications when a BlackBerry device detects a tag. Depending on the type of tag, and whether you wish to read or write, you must implement different listeners, and register them with the ReaderWriterManager class in the package.

To use your device to emulate a smart tag, you can use the package. To connect smart accessories to your device, you can use the net.rim.device.blackberry.api.accessory.AccessoryManager class, and you can use the package to access a Secure Element.

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