Best practice: Incorporating near field communication in your application

Near field communication (NFC) technology is a short-range, wireless technology designed to allow users to quickly exchange information between their BlackBerry device and smart tags, smart accessories, and other NFC-enabled devices.

  • Keep user interaction to a minimum. Simply allow users to tap their BlackBerry device to take advantage of NFC.
  • When a transaction is successful, the BlackBerry device vibrates automatically. Make sure that any content that has been exchanged displays on the screen.
  • If a transaction takes longer than 1 second to complete, present users with a visual indication that the transaction is in progress. This approach lets users know that information is still being exchanged.
  • If a transaction is unsuccessful, provide a sound alert to users.
  • Use a standard dialog box to notify users of an error related to NFC. Use a dialog box that slides down from the top of the screen to notify users of a positive message related to NFC.
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