Check boxes

Use check boxes when users can select multiple items or options. Users tap a check box to select or clear it.

You can use check boxes to allow users to select items before applying an action. Such check boxes require no labels. You can also use check boxes to allow users to choose from a list of options. Such check boxes require labels. If you have only a few options to present to the user, consider using toggle switches instead.

This screen shows check boxes.

Best practices

  • Do not start an action when users select a check box. For example, do not open a new screen on the select action.
  • Group and order check boxes logically. For example, group related options together or include the most common options first.
  • Avoid ordering check boxes alphabetically. Alphabetical order is language-specific.
  • Use clear, concise labels. Verify that the label clearly describes what occurs when users select the check box.
  • Use positive labels where possible. For example, use "Show" instead of "Hide."
  • Place labels on the right side of check boxes.
  • Use sentence case capitalization for the individual check boxes in a group. Capitalize the first word and any other word that requires capitalization (such as a proper noun).
  • Do not use end punctuation.
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