Processing responses

When your application makes an API request, the web service returns an object of the class <MethodName>Result, where MethodName is the name of the API method that your application requests. The return object contains the objects that your application requested, such as a User object when you search for a user account. The return object also contains one or more objects for exception handling and one metadata object. The metadata object contains information about the request your application makes.

Metadata attribute



This is a unique identifier that the BlackBerry® Administration API generates. The BlackBerry Administration Service log files contain this identifier with all of the information that the BlackBerry Administration Service logs about the request to help you debug and troubleshoot your application.


This is the time taken, in nanoseconds, by the BlackBerry Administration API to process the request.


This is an enumeration to indicate if the API you are using is implemented, not yet implemented, or deprecated.

For more information about the return objects for specific APIs, see the API Reference for the BlackBerry Administration API.

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