Architecture: Framework for delivering content to BlackBerry devices using push technology

The framework that uses push technology to deliver content to BlackBerry® devices uses a client/server model. With pull technology, a server waits for a device to request content. In contrast, push technology enables your server to initiate the content delivery to a device without receiving a request.

The framework includes the protocols, service interfaces, hardware entities, and software entities that you can use to deliver content to BlackBerry devices using push technology.

This diagram shows the elements that are described in the following text.



Push Initiator

Software that submits content to the framework for delivery

Push-enabled application

Software that interprets and displays the content to the user

Push Proxy Gateway (PPG)

Entity that works as the gateway to the wireless network for the content by acting as an access point, delivering the content to its final destination, and work like a proxy server

Push Server

Hardware entity that hosts the Push Initiator

Push Client

Hardware entity that hosts the push-enabled application


Protocol that the Push Initiator uses to submit the content and the push-related control information to the PPG


Protocol that the PPG uses to deliver the content to the BlackBerry devices (Push Clients)

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