Fixed issues

This section lists fixed issues for the BlackBerry® Java® SDK 6.0 MR bundle 70.

BlackBerry APIs

The UiAction class was missing a constructor. When you extended net.rim.device.api.unifiedsearch.action.UiAction, the application failed to build and the "cannot find symbol" error message displayed. You can now extend the UiAction class for universal search integration to determine the UI elements that display when a user selects a search result. (764904)

The DOMMessageProcessor, XMLHashtableMessageProcessor, RSSMessageProcessor, and GUNZIPMessageProcessor classes were unable to process ByteMessage. (751220)

The TouchGesture.getSwipeDirection() method returns 0 when the gesture was not a swipe. The API reference was corrected to reflect the returned value of 0; it previously stated a return value of 1. (736556)

A BrowserField with its navigation mode set to NAVIGATION_MODE_POINTER did not release focus to other UI components on the screen. (735608)

If you sent a message by using BlockingSenderDestination.sendReceiveAsFuture(), invoking MessageFuture.get() after you received or cancelled the message, blocked the thread. (720034)

The deprecated class AddressBookFieldFactory recommended using a non-existing alternative API. The API reference was corrected to refer to LinkedContactUtilities.registerLinkedContactInfoProvider. (716481)

BlackBerry Integrated Development Environment

If you highlighted a class and pressed CTRL+F1 to open its page in the API reference, the API reference for the class did not display. (759667)

If you used the UpdateJad tool to update duplicate .jad files, the UpdateJad tool did not display a warning message and it incorrectly updated the .jad file. (720102)

If you made a change to your application that resulted in a compilation error, the Debug > Restart menu item was disabled. This is expected behavior. (506807)

BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator

The BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator crashed when you attempted to open a new email message. (760983)

The BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator threw a NullPointerException on your first attempt to make a call. (759414)

The BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator threw a NullPointerException if you tried to answer an incoming phone call. (752635)

The BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator for BlackBerry® Torch™ 9800 did not register touch screen clicks properly on the phone screen if the keyboard was open. (751831)

The BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator crashed if you clicked Debug > Restart while the application you were editing was running. (747344)

You do not need to start the Mobile Data System Connection Service (MDS-CS) to view maps on the BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator.

Sample applications

The HTTP Push Demo sample application did not receive messages sent by the server component. (760561)

The Command Framework Demo sample application was missing the Close menu item. (759326)

The Pane Manager Demo sample application threw a NullPointerException when you selected a header of type "tab". (759281)

In the EyelidField Demo sample application, the EyelidFieldManager drew a touch text focus area when the EyelidField containing a Field disappeared. (759238)

The Attachment Demo sample application threw a FileException with the message "File system error (1003)" when you attempted to attach a file without an inserted SD card. (759034)

The BlackBerry Maps Demo sample application did not open the expected map. (752411)

Text in the UI of the Field Explorer Demo sample application overlapped. (724640)

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