Best Practice: Making sure your web page supports all users

Not all users have BlackBerry® Wallet 1.2 installed. Your web site must support all users.

BlackBerry Wallet version


Web page design

1.2 or later

the object element exists with data="mimetype.jsp" and type="application/", and the BlackBerry agent is 6.0 or later

Starting with BlackBerry Wallet 1.2, you can embed the mimetype for BlackBerry Wallet in an object element, which has the data attribute set to mimetype.jsp.


no object element, and the BlackBerry agent is 4.2 or later

Set the content-type of the web page to application/; charset="".

Not installed

Create a web page that allows the user to provide the necessary data, and a link to install BlackBerry Wallet.

Code sample: Calling BlackBerry Wallet and supporting all users

<object data="mimetype.jsp" type="application/" height="80">
  <!—If wallet is not installed -->
    Check out using BlackBerry Wallet 1.2 by downloading it <a href="">here</a>

If the BlackBerry® device user has installed BlackBerry Wallet, the page displays the wallet icon and the description.

If the BlackBerry device user has not installed BlackBerry Wallet, the page displays a message prompting the user to install it. The developer can provide any customized message.

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