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The BlackBerry menu provides you with easy access to the development tools for creating BlackBerry device applications. You can also access these tools from the toolbar in the BlackBerry Application Development perspective or by right-clicking a BlackBerry application project to display the context menu.

This screenshot shows the BlackBerry menu selection

Menu item

Submenu item




BlackBerry Project

Creates a new BlackBerry application project

BlackBerry Screen

Creates a new UI screen

BlackBerry Resource

Creates a new resource file


BlackBerry Samples

Imports sample BlackBerry applications into the Eclipse workspace

Eclipse BlackBerry Project

Imports a BlackBerry application project from a different Eclipse workspace

Legacy BlackBerry Projects

Imports a BlackBerry application project that you developed by using the BlackBerry Java Plug-in for Eclipse 1.0 or the BlackBerry Java Development Environment



Packages one or more BlackBerry application projects that you select


Packages all the projects in your workspace

Working Set

Packages a working set that you defined


Sign with Signature Tool

Starts theBlackBerry Signature Tool

Install new Keys

Opens the Install New Keys dialog box

Import Existing Keys

Opens the Import Existing Keys dialog box

Remove Existing Keys

Opens the Remove Existing Keys dialog box


Debug As

BlackBerry Device

Opens your application for debugging on a BlackBerry device


Load Project(s) on Device

Loads your application on a BlackBerry device

Analysis Tools

BlackBerry Memory Statistics View

Opens the BlackBerry Memory Statistics View

BlackBerry Objects View

Opens the BlackBerry Objects View

BlackBerry Profiler View

Opens the BlackBerry Profiler View

Open BlackBerry App World page

Opens the BlackBerry App World storefront webpage

Open BlackBerry Getting Started Page

Opens the BlackBerry Getting Started Page

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