Register to use protected BlackBerry APIs

  1. Visit and complete the registration form.
  2. Save the .csi file that Research In Motion sends to you. The .csi file contains a list of signatures and your registration information. If the BlackBerry Signing Authority Tool administrator does not provide you with the .csi file or the Registration PIN and you are an ISV partner, contact your ISV Technical Partnership Manager. If you are not an ISV partner, send an email message to
  3. Double-click the .csi file to start the BlackBerry Signing Authority Tool.
  4. If a dialog box appears that states that a private key cannot be found, follow the instructions to create a new key pair file.
  5. In the Registration PIN field, type the PIN that RIM provided.
  6. In the Private Key Password field, type a password of at least eight characters. The private key password protects your private key. If you lose this password, you must register again with RIM. If this password is stolen, contact RIM immediately.
  7. Click Register.
  8. Click Exit.

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