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Specify compiler settings for a BlackBerry Application project

  1. In the Navigator view, select a BlackBerry® application project.
  2. Right-click the project and select Properties.
  3. In the Properties for pane, select BlackBerry Project Properties.
  4. Click the Build tab.
  5. Change the compiler settings.
  6. Click Apply.
  7. Click OK.

Properties for compiler settings



Output messages about what the compiler is doing

Select this setting to view detailed compiler information when you build a project.

Selecting this setting is the same as setting the -verbose setting for rapc.

If you select this setting, Eclipse® will create many “rapc_XXXX.dir" directories in the %TEMP% directory during compilation.

Generate no warnings

Select this setting to hide compiler warnings when you build a project.

Tip: Warnings do not prevent the project from being built successfully, but they can indicate possible errors in your code.

Treat warnings as errors

Select this setting to stop compilation if warnings occur.

Output source locations where deprecated APIs are used

Select this setting to view the location of deprecated APIs in the source files.

Don't convert image files to png

Select this setting to prevent image files from being converted to .png format. Select this setting if your application needs to access raw image data on the BlackBerry device.

No warning for no exported static routine: .main(String[])

Select this setting to prevent the compiler from issuing a warning if main() is undefined.

Preprocessor defines

Add, remove, or edit directives that the preprocessor uses when it processes Java® files.

Alias list

Repackage existing API libraries into a new library project. Specify one or more libraries that this project replaces, separated with semi-colons (;).

For example, if you are creating a library project called “newlib” that repackages existing libraries “libA” and “libB”, you can specify libA;libB in this field so that .cod files that use those libraries continue to work correctly.

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