Localizing BlackBerry device application projects

You can use the BlackBerry® Java® Plug-in to localize text strings without changing the application code. The BlackBerry Java Plug-in provides versioning support for creating resources in different languages. You can make changes to resource values in a native language, or original locale. Translators can identify language resources that have changed and that require translation.

A ResourceBundle object stores information and resources for a locale. A ResourceBundleFamily object contains a collection of ResourceBundle objects. An application can use a ResourceBundleFamily object to display the information in a language that is specific to the locale of the BlackBerry device user.

When you compile a BlackBerry device application , the BlackBerry Java Plug-in compiles each ResourceBundle object that you include with the application into a separate code .cod file. You can install the appropriate .cod files on a BlackBerry device along with the other files that the application requires.

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