Non-linear animation

When the BlackBerry® Composer interpolates a property between two key frames, by default, it calculates the property change for each frame to produce an even change across the frames. This is most evident when you animate position. When selected, animated objects display a green line that represents the path of the object. On the green line, square indicators (the reference points) display where the object will be drawn in each frame. When an object is first animated, these reference points are evenly spaced.

You can change the way the BlackBerry Composer interpolates object properties between key frames. Use the tweening editor to change both the spacing between reference points and the path that the reference points follow to create non-linear animation.

Tweening enables you to simulate real-world motion effects, for example, the curved paths, acceleration, and deceleration characteristics of a bouncing ball. You can also use the tweening editor with other properties. For example, the tweening editor can change color slowly at first and then speed up.

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